Mommyhood Hormones

One of my very good friends asked me a few years back, and then again last year, then a few months back when I became pregnant and then immediately after Hridyan was born — “do you feel any mommyhood hormones?”.

I guess there is some theory out there that says that as women get to 30 and beyond, they feel a need for a child. I don’t believe there’s anything that physically changes but the ticking of the biological clock feels louder at that age. It’s only psychological. Or at least I did not feel any such change. For Hrishi and I, it was more of a “do we want one? are we ready? if not then when? are we going to have fun?” decision.

Hridyan is now 3-months old. It has not been easy – sleepless nights, constant fuss, nursing. He has become the center of our decisions – pace of MBA, going back to work, travel, visiting India, etc. But like many parents, I would not trade it. That feeling I get after the early morning smile is not something I have felt before. I never realized how I can look at something so endlessly, and still not be bored. Who he looks and acts like provides a constant stream of entertainment in my household. I guess….for me…these are the mommyhood hormones kicking in.


3 thoughts on “Mommyhood Hormones

  1. Poorva says:

    Roli, your blogs and links are a wonderful read. have been enjoying them for last couple of months :). just saw pics and videos of hridayan and u guys..he is most adorable! btw, see a hindi pic called ‘oye lucky lucky oye’. the leading lady very closely resembles you 🙂

    • Thanks Poorva…glad you enjoy the blog. I wish I can be more regular, but its hard with so much going on. I’ll check out oye lucky ;). How are things going with you?

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