OK, so here’s a belated post.

I took the Pricing class with Prof. Azhar during the summer break. I write about it now, because I highly recommend taking “Pricing” before finishing your MBA. It’s an elective, and some people tend to think its for folks pursuing marketing/entrepreneurship concentration. But irrespective of the major, it is one of the most useful courses you could take.

I have used the frameworks and the general fundamentals like three-tier pricing, razor-blade method, loss leader product in numerous other courses. Most important though has been the attempt to put a number on your “value proposition”. It’s not an easy exercise but gives a great framework to identify what you could be offering your customers. It also helps to understand how you want to split the economic surplus with the customers.

With Azhar, the course was case based. It was very well taught. Prof. Tek Ho is the other professor who offers the course and my understanding is that he has a different approach to it. The latter is a more sought after class. But I would recommend taking it one of the two before graduation.


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