Pink and Blue – An Operations Management Perspective

So I was at Target today (the first set of baby clothes – gifts from parents, shower, etc seem have run out). I was in the isle which had the bulk infant clothes sets like 6 pairs of socks, 3 onesies, 4 pants, etc. I noticed how neatly the isle was split into pink and blue to make it easier for customers to select their items.

The arrangement made me wonder if this pink and blue tradition was propagated by an operations management guru or clothing manufacturers & merchandisers like Target, BabiesRus, etc. Operationally, this is almost nirvana. Your inventory, designing, orders, raw material, printing batches …everything reduces from hundreds – to two. Fixating parents in the name of tradition/culture to two colors also ensures that the demand does not change from one season to another. It probably started with clothes, and now has propagated to all parts of a kids life. All manufacturers saw the same benefits and switched to the same strategy. This to the parents (customer) reinforced the tradition…making all those who defy having to explain….”why not?”.

Aaarrgghhh it’s sickening!


One thought on “Pink and Blue – An Operations Management Perspective

  1. Priyanka says:

    But this must be valid only in the west.

    In India it must be a lot of yellow, orange and red.

    In China a lot of black.

    And in the muslim countries a lot of green.

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