B’bye 2014. Hello 2015!

Can’t believe but we are in 2015. Life is just whizzing past. So this seemed like a good time to take stock, keep some notes and stay honest.

2014 was good for the extended Deshpande family – most of the days we were happy and healthy. Very grateful for that!

Starting 2014, I had two resolutions – not eat chicken for the full year to see if I really miss it – like a crave-test. Our food choices are a big environmental impact and I just don’t like the idea much. Secondly, learn Marathi. During the course of the year, a weight plan “Project-58” was added in my journey to self improvement and discovery.

Easy parts first – still have not learnt Marathi. I understand it a bit better every passing day but have no confidence to speak it yet. Any improvement is only through osmosis. Although Baba had lovingly gifted an English – Marathi conversation book, and I carried it around every day for 6 months, didn’t get down to reading much from it. Having said that I would love to become conversational in Marathi one day…..

The “chicken fast” went quite well and I was able to successfully keep it out of my plate for the whole year. Since it was a “crave-test” ….I figured I do miss chicken sandwiches once in a while. So I will probably go back to some chicken going forward. Also, it’s an easy source of protein and building some muscle is part of 2015 plans.

Lastly, the update on Project-58 is in the post itself. I am 30% down from my starting point. 70% more to go. Learnt a lot trying to get there, so here is what I believe is needed besides regular exercise:

  • Reduce carbs – I have to find out a way of reducing the carb cravings. I LOVE bread and the more fresh/hot it is, the more vulnerable I am. (any ideas?)
  • Reduce sugar – I am typically not indulging on sugar or other food on a daily basis. But there are ways to cut down on my sugar intake – in beverages (tea/coffee) and other mithai. I will start by sticking to sweets couple of times a week only.
  • Increase protein intake and build muscle. I have gotten into a routine of 30-minute runs lately, which I am enjoying. I want to get my running speed to about 9.5 -10 kmph from about 8 currently, but this will require better body-strength than I have currently.

OK, so now the 2015 plan. Always in threes – it is Oorjan, Oorjan and Project-58.

Easy first – for the weight, I’ll stick to basic routine. No training plans.  No preparation for runs, etc. Just modified diet and some regular exercise. Because really, I don’t want to spend any mental threads on anything besides Oorjan and the kids….

I want to just get my third kid (Oorjan) to run this year. I am looking forward to a remarkable year of learning and (hopefully) growth. I have wanted to do this since IIT (or even earlier) and I am lucky to have the right support to attempt entrepreneurship now. In 2014, I hypothized solar and distributed generation are not being offered correctly in the country. Independence is more than just about the lowest cost.  The timing, ideas and execution are going to be tested in 2015. Oorjan is my way to trying to make an impact – both economic and environmental.

I wish for a very happy, healthy, successful 2015 to all my friends and readers! Let’s hope for a cleaner and more peaceful world in 2015.


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