Project 58

In the remaining 6 months of 2014, I hope to accomplish Project 58.

That is my happy weight (in kgs), and I have about 5 more to go.

Why 58?

  •  Mostly because I want the weighing machine to NEVER tip 60kg, no matter how full I am. So I am building in some buffer for occasional indulgence, in the design itself.
  • Last time I was at the weight was probably 2007. Hrishi and I did a ton of good hikes around the time, and I probably felt the strongest ever physically at the time.

But here’s the rub, I have no plans to diet or even follow any strict regime. I love food too much and discipline not so much. So generally what I have been following so far is 1-hr gym (cardio, and strength), twice a week. I mix in an occasional swim. Once weather gets better I might mix-in some outside running as well. Foodwise, the only change is to skip rice/chapati 3-4 times a week for dinner and load up on vegetables, dal, salad only. Otherwise, my only life-mantra is to diversify the food selection as much as possible on a regular basis and keep everything in moderation.

The goal is a nice and slow ~1-kg/month. It seems quite doable – let’s see….


I think this project warrants a running commentary. So for those inclined to hear my fat-tales, hop on…

Update: 25-July-14

In the two weeks since posting this, I have gone through an up and down cycle. Had work travel for a couple of days (read super delicious 5- star food, two times a day and to-die-for breakfast buffet at ITC Chola, Chennai). This followed another party. So I gained 1-kg. Needed a week to lose that. So 15-days on, I am still where I was…

Update: 23-Aug-2014

So it’s been 6-weeks since the original post and I am down only 1-kg. 4kg in 4 months. It’s difficult to manage the weight yo-yo when some travel, any travel gets involved, both for managing food and sticking to the 2/week gymming plan. In addition there are birthdays and other occasions to attend to – basically life 🙂

Update: 15-Nov-2014

Well, the status report on this is horrendous. I am still 4kgs away from the target and frankly, having trouble figuring out how will I get there eventually. The best was 61 kg (3 kg away) but now has jumped back to 62kg :(.

In fact, since August this goal stopped being the top-most. I started Oorjan after committing to this. At the current pace of events (Hrishi’s travels, mine, sick kids and family, school commitments and what not) – I am struggling to give the right kind of attention of the business and as I said this come after that. So, it’s tough man 😦

If I can be sub-60 by the end of the year – I will celebrate mildly!

Update: 31-Dec-2014

Well the verdict is out. I am at 61.5 kg at the end of the year. Since July I was able to lose a solid 1.5 kg ;). There are things that I have learnt in the course of this project – leaving it for the next post though.

So of course the 2015 resolution is to stay the course and achieve the remaining reduction over the year.


3 thoughts on “Project 58

  1. Roli, happy to hear about this project, and good to read in this space! You can do it (we can help 😉 ) Jokes aside, deprivation never got anyone anywhere, so it’s a good strategy to not “swear off” foods. Portion control and good exercise is the long term good habit.

    • Hey – you are right up there when it comes to losing weight and keeping it that way 🙂 But I have always found it to be really tough. It’s almost like my body gets used to the low intake and the exercise and then the weight reduction stops. On the flipside, even a few meals of indulgence ups it by a kg 😦

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