And just like that she’s not an infant anymore….

Roohi turned 1 yesterday – yup already!!

Almost everyone, almost by habit these days, remarks how quickly the time went by. And it’s true it seems my thirties are just flying by. Even a new born could not slow it down. I have to admit the second kid was way easier than the first one. So many things were different – Hrishi and I were way more chilled about small kid things like letting her cry. Hrishi more than me, to my chagrin often 🙂

We live with “support” aka parents now – so she spent her first year in one big happy family where parents were just another set of care-takers. Like all kids I know, on most days, she likes to hang out with her grandfather more than with me. Same holds for Hridyan still actually…It also allowed me to get back to fulltime job when she was around 6 months. So thanks to my MIL, things went back to normal pretty quickly.

With fulltime help at home, the bottles, washing, making meals, etc have all been easier.

She’s also been a darling in terms of no colic and is generally happy to sleep :))

Sharing a lovely birthday card that my Mami made for her.



Some milestones from year-1:

Month 2 – smile

Month 4 – roll-over, back to tummy

Month 5 – tummy to back

Month 6 – sitting up, introduction of outside food, making some sounds

Month 7 – Pointing to milk bottle to indicate she wants milk. Am still amazed at how early she did that!!

Month 9 – crawl, , saying baba-dada

Month 10 – first teeth, holding objects and standing

Month -11 – first real word “ball”

At birthday – walking with a walker. Not so enthusiastic to try free walking yet.

At 1-year, she loves books, playing a with ball, going for strolls and more books. Started enjoying musical toys recently, especially interacting with them. Is more moody than Hridyan was and is less generous with smiles 🙂

The best part, by far, is watching Hridyan and Roohi together. He in his infinite innocence one day remarked “Mumma, I don’t know why I love Roohi so much”. Hridyan has become all protective already and does not like our “let-her-cry” experiments. When he returns from school, then she tries to communicate with him in her own language and they kinda just enjoy each other’s company for a while. It is the most beautiful thing to watch and I feel blessed to watch it so closely! Here’s to a lifetime of such memories.

God bless my little angel for a long, happy, loving and healthy life!





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