Smiles, baths, sleep and celebrations – first two months

Roohi turned two months on 18th Aug. It has been delightful, relatively stress-free two months. 100% mommyhood for the first time ever. (with Hridyan I was back for class/assignments in 2 weeks).

Some things are same – many different from the first time around…

For a start Roohi likes to sleep. (Hridyan did not. I remember sending emails to my MBA groups at 3:00 am because both Hridyan and I used to be awake not knowing what else to do). I have never had to wake up more than twice at night with her, normally its once. Even that one time, we go through the feed and go back to sleep. No fuss. That takes care of the biggest source of stress of most parents.

She smiles a lot – makes it that much easier for all of us. Is bright and cheery in the morning and responds to “good morning”, etc with super broad smiles. In the first month she was smiling at her dreams probably, but now positively smiles back at us. In fact we think she might be a talker, cause she is already cooing, etc

Another big diff from last time is bath time – this one is a monsoon baby. She wails when we get her OUT of the water. It’s unbelievable. Head bath, soap, shampoo – bring it on!!!

Finally we have some massage also going on this time – both mom and baby are indulging. I love massaging her. Its a great routine. She likes it and we get some precious moments together every day. I have also started yoga classes – hopefully my back will get back (hee hee) into shape quickly this time.

As expected, we have visitors and various celebrations going on. We had the Naamkaran ceremony, 1st month birthday celebration, Masi visit and 2nd month celebrations, in addition to continuing “hello” trips. Coming up is the festive season – so this is just warming up.  Aaah…..the life in India 🙂


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