Falling in love one more time – Welcome Roohi!

We welcomed our baby girl, Roohi on June 18th. It’s been more than a month but what an angel she has been so far…

We decided to call her Roohi because – barring the pressure to be phonetically consistent with “R” – we were looking for a name meaning “Soul”. We wanted our children to mean “heart and soul” for completing our family (Hridyan means heart). As it turns out Roohi also sounds like a combination of Hrishi’s and my name – so we got big thumbs-up from almost everyone we shared it with. Naming was a breeze this time – this was our first choice and turned out the only possibility with the constraints. Sometimes constraints help 🙂

She shares her birthday with my fav mama – one of the most passionate, sporty and fun person I know.  He protects and grows forests for a living. She also shares her birthday with a Beatle – Paul McCartney. I’d be happy if she gets a few traits from each of them.

The last two month of my pregnancy became a bit of a stretch as Roohi’s head engaged 2 weeks earlier than expected. So we started expecting her to make an appearance before time. So the doc recommended “take-it-easy”. My grand plans of daily swim and yoga till the end were out the window. I had been staying active throughout to maximize my chance of natural birth. It turns out sometime you can overdo it. Although my alternate theory is the stop-and-go traffic in Mumbai made her descend faster….

After a couple of false alarms, her arrival was swift eventually. Especially when compared to Hridyan (he took almost 16 hours to appear – yup!). I was in pain for 7 hours, with the worst pains only about 3 hrs. I never believed the easy labor stories, till I had mine to share. The only surprise was that when we were very close, I suddenly saw about 15 people in the labor room. Still don’t know when or why all of them had showed up for the finale….

Kudos to the medical team in the hospital – fabulous and efficient. We had a very pleasant experience in Berkeley for Hridyan but this stay in the Hiranandani hospital trumped that, for facilities and attention. We stayed there for three days – got pampered, met closest family and friends and then came back home……for even more pampering 🙂

So before life moves on and evolution makes me forget the details, here are some fond memories of her arrival.


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