6M – Settling Report

It has been 6-months since we moved back – yes, I am surprised too. (Well it’s been 5 months since I posted anything …. my longest gap in blogging).

My strategy was to re-create as much as possible my US lifestyle in India, and then optimize later. I am happy to say we are 80% settled. We have everything we need to ‘be’ generally. So we are being lazy about the rest…

We are living in a generally nice complex – with kids play areas, fitness, swim and playing amenities. So once inside the complex we don’t need to go out much. In Mumbai, not having to be on the road  reducing the biggest stress. My commute on most days is 30-40 minutes each way. This is a bit longer than I wanted, but in the affordability, commute and amenities trifecta, this was kind of optimum for the whole family. My work requires much more travel than in US. Hrishi is continuing with his gig in US, and is working graveyard shift the whole week. (as a result Hrishi and I only talk on the weekends….:( ). Aai (Hrishi’s mom) is our house-manager now and is doing the baai management (which I agree can be a fulltime job in itself). Baba (Hrishi’s dad) is Hridyan’s biggest pal, since he is not going to school yet. So it’s one big happy family – but by far Hridyan got the best deal. He has been vacationing for last 6-months, sleeping VERY late, knows more shlokas and mantras that I do (pandit genes are super-evident) and is being spoilt by grandparents. Our family bonding time happens over weekly wine and IPL matches 🙂

A couple of things did not go that well. I traded off professional continuity for personal settling. As a result, I have generally been spending only two days a week on home set-up. As a result, we still don’t have all curtains needed (big problem in the summer) and our main bedroom looks like a storage. The boxes are not all open, and furniture not yet bought. It would have been nice to take a month off and get it all done, but could not engineer that with my company. Second, big mistake was to not buy the car immediately. I have become sort of an expert on various call-a-cab services like Meru, Easy, Tab, etc but it’s exhausting to manage this regularly, deal with unavailability and not have the independence to drive quickly somewhere and get things done. I have no desire to try the train or the buses here. I am also saying ‘I’ because Hrishi and others don’t have to leave the house on an everyday basis and hence, mainly my problem. But the car is now done, and we should get it in the next week or so . The first trip will likely be to the curtains shop!!

I miss California (and always will) but the new arrangements here are promising and nice. Not complaining….yet!


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