M1 – Hridyan’s First Observations

In the first month, it has been a delight to hear Hridyan’s comments…
I have been meaning to jot these down, but sharing would be even better šŸ™‚

.. there’s a lot of construction in India (he has seen more dump trucks, cement mixers, cranes, scoopers, etc than in US already)
.. why is the sky not blue?
.. hello stray dog
.. I want to go in an auto (rickshaw) but why is it so bouncy?
.. why does Rani (housemaid) not sit with us? šŸ˜¦
.. we live with lots of kinds of animals in India.
.. the ketchup in India tastes better
.. the yoghurt in India tastes better
.. there are cars and Meru cabs (apparently he has missed noticing all the old style cabs so far..)
.. why is (add your choice of location) so dirty?
.. no one cleaned the buffalo after it did the ‘strange’ potty
.. (butt cleaning with water) is the ‘perfect’ way to clean.

In addition he has been missing his friends Navya, Rian, Kankan, Anvay, Owen G and Hilbert a lot!!


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