Back to India – here’s why…

A month back 2/3 of us made it back to India with a one-way ticket. The last third joined us today. As you might suspect this ‘move’ will trigger many posts in the coming months, so I wanted to start from the start. Why move back after a decade? from California? from Silicon Valley?

The reasons are all too typical –
For me it’s 40% family and 40% solar/cleantech opportunity in India and 20% loads of reasons some of which become more pronounced during cricket games, festivals, househelp discussions, patriotism, desiness, and what not 🙂
For Hrishi it is almost all family
….and we are hoping that in our own ways we will be able to find a place to stand and feel comfortable about this decision.

We have given ourselves a 2-yr time window – which is somewhat artificial ’cause it depends on the green-card, etc BUT in some ways real because that the amount of time most of our returned friends took to ‘settle-in’.

It’s been a good start to this adventure so far. Fingers crossed!!


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