Hridyan’s 3rd Budday

After large parties in the first two years, we were a bit tired from all the organizing. This is excluding my personal stress from figuring out the India move thingy…So after the usual procrastination about making any decision – we were 3 days away from Hridyan turning three. Folks from India don’t make it easy by constantly asking what the plans are. Anyway we finally had to decide….it could have been no-plans at all. But then the mom-in-me woke up …”how can we not do anything?” 🙂

So here’s what we ended up doing. I got a pinata (fire-truck shaped) for his pre-school class and filled it with small bags of candy and goodies (Uncovered a whole new world of pinata….I don’t think I have ever tried to hit one, but always seemed like a fun activity). All the 3-yr olds at his class tried their hand at breaking it. Teachers tried and loved it too. Check out the video in the picasa-album. Turned out to be quite fun actually…
Did one ‘happy budday’ in his new class with some cupcakes and then another one in his old class, from which he has moved up in the last month.

At home that evening, we invited a few close friends and their more kids and continued the party till late. Lotsa cake, fun and attempts to have adult conversation. For Ridu’s part, he was happy to hang out with Rian, Kanishka and the littlest one, Anvay 🙂

Looking forward to a year non-stop chit-chat, fun and health :). Happy Birthday Hridyan!!


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