Seeking boredom

Don’t know since when, but for some years it’s been nagging me that I don’t get time to get bored anymore. Really staying in the house/any place quiet, no agenda, no chores, no phones no fb/twitter…just let the mind wander. Having a kid makes it a bit difficult but I have to say we can be more disciplined about our commitments as well to allow us this luxury.

What really worries me is that constantly being on the clock is physically and mentally tiring. It does not give any time for introspection, for really absorbing what we are learning both professionally and personally. It does not allow us to be spontaneous – to be opportunistic about something interesting like a good movie on TV, or something unplanned and creative. Most of all – I feel I get no time to connect the dots.

I used to complain about ‘not getting enough time to waste’ and did not find many people who echoed the sentiment. But this week itself, two people who I believe ‘get it’ reinforced my ill-formed thoughts. This has certainly encouraged me to try harder for some solid boredom.


4 thoughts on “Seeking boredom

  1. smitao says:

    You talking of not getting time for boredom with 1 kid, just wait for the second one and you will even forget how to spell boredom.

    Boredom is one of my hobby projects too which along with other hobbies is at the back seat right now. Bringing up a kid(s) is no joke and I am ok with giving up the luxury for few years. I hope I dont have to wait for 18 years to get this luxury back :).

    • Kids and joke part – true. In fact only when Hridyan is nearing 3 that I started getting these pangs all over again. Last couple of years have been a blur in terms of ‘own time’. But I am trying to be more organized about it. Hope the little fella is doing great. I’ll call you this weekend.

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