One memorable Memorial Day – potty trained and all :)

Hridyan has been without diapers for more than a week now. A couple of accidents but it’s been a pretty smooth transition. Started with the Baby Bjorn and are already graduating to the regular potty seat with the baby attachment. Straight from diapers to undies. Skipped the training pants – I guess I am still not sure how they help…

We have been wanting to do this for about 6-months now. I was especially getting frustrated with the potty cleaning routine. It all came together this Memorial Day – when we decided to stay indoors all three days and get this done. We decided to keep him in undies and bear anything that happens. It might have been more of us not being prepared than Ridu :). Summer weather and a month of good health for him definitely helped.

Still have to figure out the right way to keep him out of diaper when going to malls, etc. Please share any ideas that might have worked.

It’s been a week and our happiness is still not getting old. Love the fact there are no dirty diapers in the house and we are not killing any trees for that anymore. Life’s just cleaner and much easier!


6 thoughts on “One memorable Memorial Day – potty trained and all :)

  1. Awesome news! We share your happiness πŸ™‚ You guys timed it right.

    We too skipped the training pants stage completely, and went from diapers to undies. For malls/outdoor visits, here are a few tips:
    (1) Always take him before leaving the house/mall, so there is no urge to go in the car
    (2) Keep asking him at “key times” e.g. you know he’s had 8oz milk, ask him after 30 mins, and every 15 mins after that. The most challenging time for us was ~6 in the evening, an hr after Rian’s milk.
    (3) Carry a spare set of clothes and don’t despair πŸ™‚ Shit happens πŸ˜‰ Good thing is once the kids learn they can control the BMs, a poop in the undies is very rare.
    (4) Carry his potty seat around. It helps to go in familiar territory even tho the porcelain underneath may be foreign.

    hth, and all the best for diaper-free travel!

    • Cool – thanks for the tips Mamata!
      I have been considering carrying his potty seat around – but still have not gotten over the yikes factor of using it in a public restroom πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the reco, Abha. Looks light and compact. I will have to get one too. I thought we are at the end of carrying a diaper-bag, but looks like it’s going to around for some reason or another πŸ™‚

  2. vishalbheeroo says:

    Hey Rock N Roli
    I think parenting must be a tough task ahead for parents..But,a t the end you shall nail it as many new age parents learn on the way.


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