Sharing Redefined

There’s so much to learn from kids – recent examples…

Every night Hridyan is offered 5-6 ounces of milk. Invariably he will leave about 1/2 an ounce at the end and will not finish it no matter how many tricks we try. Since it was independent of the volume of milk we offered, I stopped fretting about it. Now Hrishi/I finish it instead of leaving it to spoil. When I finish it, he tells me “Mumma I am sharing” and “good job Mummy” 🙂

Another example from breakfast time. This has been a very important meal throughout my life and I always enjoyed starting my day quietly, with something nice. Turns out Hridyan has the same feeling about it. Typically I try to stagger mine by a few minutes so I can get the “quiet” part that I mentioned. But that’s obviously too much to ask. He will have to have a few bites from mine (sometimes even forcibly) irrespective of what he’s had. After biting into mine this morning, he tells me “Mumma we are sharing”.

I guess no body ever said sharing has to be equally pleasant to both sides 🙂


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