Our Worst Nightmare

I have not posted anything in a while because I was conflicted about how to move on with blogging without closing something that almost changed our lives – and not in a good way.

The first week of January we lived our worst nightmare. We were in Cancun vacationing over the New Years and the first week of Jan. Half way into the vacation – Hridyan had a terrible accident. He fell ~10ft onto a mix of sand and rocks (onto a beach) in the resort we were staying in. Had to rush him to a hospital in an ambulance, as the resort doctor recommended. Got a CT Scan and waited for a doctor to read it. Since Ridu stopped crying after about 45-mins we were hoping we escaped anything serious like a broken bone or something. A couple of hours later, we were told he had a fracture in the skull.

We were told he’ll have to be “in observation” in ICU for a couple of days to monitor any neurological signs like vomiting, seizures, headaches. They were the longest days and nights of our lives for Hrishi and I. Staring at Ridu to make sure nothing happens. He was completely normal after the first couple of hour of the incident. In fact, it was hard to explain why we are all in that room since he did not feel any pain or any could not see any injury.

Two more days in the normal room thereafter – and a couple of CT scans later, we were told he was fit to fly. We got back a few days later than planned. We have never felt happier to be back home. Multiple visits in US, innumerable phone calls to India, specialists in US, some more tests. Finally a couple of weeks later we were told we are way past any critical stage. No long terms impacts are expected since their brains are still very soft and still forming. But we can only wait and hope.

Hridyan was a champ throughout – unbelievable how resilient the kids are! We have just escaped something that could have been a lot worse. He’s completely normal now (although the fracture might take a couple of months to heal). He’s back at daycare (with few restrictions to prevent any injury to the same area temporarily) and life is generally back to normal.

In some weird way, Cancun was not such a bad place for this incident. Although language was a problem – the quality of care was almost as good as US. (We happened to have been sent to one of the best hospitals in Cancun, Hospiten). But more than anything, they provided very personal care. They let both of us stay with Hridyan in the ICU throughout, which most likely would not have happened in US. They treated our situation with the same exception that it was – this was not normal by any country standards.

We also found the travel agency (Olympus Tours), that we happened to have been connected by our package, exceptionally helpful. To help us shuttle back and forth from the resort – they sent us cars numerous times, got us back to airport and literally found tickets for us to get back to San Francisco on a sold-out flight. All this for no additional charge – it was hard to believe that and still is!

We’ve been shaken and somehow NOW realize what a bubble we live in and how vulnerable our lives are. There are so many shades to “kids change your lives forever” – and this certainly was not what we had considered. Perhaps we were not being thankful enough to Gods that be …..but now are!


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