Happy to be hiking again

This year has been good in terms of our favorite summer activity – hiking.

We did a bunch in Yosemite, followed by a few in the bay area too. Hridyan (I think like most kids) loves outdoors, especially when all he has to do is sit on the carrier :). In fact he thinks that sitting on the carrier is hiking and walking in the woods is some major inconvenience. It does not help that he cares about mud, dust, etc (don’t know who he gets this one from). South bay definitely provides better weather and proximity to go on these 4-5 hour long weekend adventures.

Here are some photos from the “Hidden Villa” Ranch in Los Altos this past weekend.
Sadly, it might be one of the last ones of the season – since it’s shit cold in the bay area now.

Park wise, Hidden Villa a great place and has some interesting scenery like maple trees which turned into the fall foliage amidst a bunch of ever green trees.
Pretty pretty…


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