Daylight Savings – not a fan :(

So the “time” fell back one hour this last weekend. My 7:00 am now were 8:00 ams before and more importantly, my 5:00 pm now used to be 6:00 pm before. I could get home by 6:00 pm and now I am still cranking away at the the office (at the same sun angle).

I hate picking him up when it’s already dark – and only getting a dark time at home. I don’t see the benefit of working during “daylight hours” – since my cubicle does not have a window anyways. So it’s all a loss-loss for me. Don’t get it why it’s relevant in today’s white-collar times (at least in the bay area) and don’t like it!

Funnily, my mom was almost shocked to hear that “time” can be moved around. Don’t we grow up thinking that this is one aspect that cannot be altered?


3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings – not a fan :(

  1. Daylight savings /ended/ last week. So technically you are not a fan of “standard sun time” 🙂

    It will be useful when you start dropping him to school early morning and wonder why it is still dark at 8:00am.

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