Papa’s maiden voyage to US

My folks are visiting for a 5-week trip to US. Papa is still a fulltime private practitioner, which means this is the longest vacation he has ever taken, and the first one ever out of India. Mom was with me when Hridyan was born – so she’s a pro about US already :). They are here to hang out with Hridyan and do some site seeing…

Here’s how it’s gone so far:

Weekend-1: getting over jet lag. Mom took a solid 6 days to get into a reasonable sleeping schedule. But we did Golden Gate, Muir woods and Monterey aquarium anyways…
Weekend-2: Hridyan’s second birthday celebration and Stanford university visit
Weekend-3: Long weekend in Yosemite, followed by a day at Napa Valley
Weekend-4: Vegas baby! Their expressions at the large hotels were priceless!! Far beyond anything they ever could imagine. Isn’t it always like that with Vegas? I just love the city!
Weekend-5: coming up in San Diego

Leaving next week 😦

Am feeling a bit tired with all the planning and juggling but the mom-cooked food and Bollywood movie sessions make up for all of it. Loving it all. Will miss them thoroughly…


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