3-meals vs. mini meals

I have been looking for research proving that this mini-meals every two hours is silly. I found one today.

Not a very inspiring or indepth research article…but nonetheless:

For some reason, I could not subscribe to the idea of eating every two hours. That’s so much of the day gone into thinking and planning food. How do you manage a day full of meetings with this mini-meals in between? Do you eat half of a sandwich two times and not feel full ever? How much time goes into all this planning? I had an ex-colleague who snacked all day – 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00….??!!? Probably did the same in the evening …During my pregnancy, I was recommended this by every doctor I met – and I politely refused to obey.

Not sure what’s the truth yet….Hope to see some better research done in this area.


7 thoughts on “3-meals vs. mini meals

  1. Roli, I’m kinda doing 3 meals a day plus snacks. My main mean portions are smaller. I usually split breakfast into two spaced 1.5 hrs apart. After lunch I have a fruit/chips snack after 3 hrs and there’s a chai somewhere in between. If dinner leaves me hungry, I usually sip a glass of milk before bedtime. It was a bit hard in the beginning, but I’m used to it now. I just cannot eat a big meal anymore. BUT I have seen this whole snacking approach has helped me lose weight. Of course I’m also “counting” what I’m eating.

    • Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      I am curious to know how it works out during the work-day, especially with back-2-back meetings, etc?

      Also do you feel you eat less now when you count? Or it’s just the distribution?

      • Roli, it’s both – the distribution and I end up eating less. In my case, if I eat 2 chapatis or 3, I end up hungry in 2 hrs. So now I eat 2 and I have a snack after 2 hrs.

        It took a bit of planning in the first one month, but now it’s become part of routine. The “eating less and counting” is a bit hard and I constantly felt hungry the first one month, but the results were already showing, and that motivated me to stay on track.

        Just to give an example of one day:
        * 8am – a cup of milk
        * 9:30am – Oatmeal in the car šŸ™‚
        * 10:30am – a banana
        * 1pm – lunch with 2 chapatis and a veggie
        * 3pm – tea with half cup milk
        * 5pm – a fruit snack like 2 cups grapes or some chips and nuts
        * 7pm – dinner (1 chapati and veggie)
        * 10pm – if I feel hungry or had a heavy workout, I have a cup of milk

      • Here’s the math on this btw: to lose one pound a week, there needs to be a calorie deficit of 3500, which works out to ~500 calories LESS per day. A person can choose to either eat 500 calories less OR eat 250 calories less and work out for 250 calories.

        It takes a bit of getting used to – the eating less part. Also, as the body loses weight, it needs FEWER calories, so every 10 pounds dropped – you need to reduce intake even more (~50-100 calories) to keep seeing the changes.

    • Pooja says:

      Abha, people like you shouldn’t even be responding to such posts. Inspite of the big meals and all the mini meals you’re slimmer than you were 10 years ago! (and don’t even begin to argue otherwise!) šŸ™‚

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