World from the eyes of a 2-year old…

I can only guess from what he tells me. But one thing is for sure – most of it is incredibly cute and I really want to freeze the time.

(inspired by Pooja’s similar post)

  • We live in metric/decimal …sometime binary world. Ridu lives in a tertiary or a three part world – none, one and more. Like no banana, one banana and more banana. It’s interesting to see how most of the times that is enough for communication.
  • If you give him water or juice after anything savory then immediately he says “tikhat gone”.
  • Recently he started saying “I finished” after he’s done with a meal. It’s very liberating for us to not have the guess-work during mealtimes anymore….
  • “nighttime” ==> “sleepy”. Mornings ==> “nightime gone”
  • For some reason any baby crying, even in a distance perturbs him.
  • Either someone is “gussa” or they are “happy”
  • He tells us now if the food is “yummy” or “nice”. Pancakes, eggs are typically always yummy 🙂
  • He tells his new daycare friends to say “please” at the table on the third day.
  • He asks his new teacher, who’s rubbing her eyes “eye buggers?”

He’s incredibly chatty – for some reason I never realized kids can speak so well so early. He’s making full grammatical sentences in 100% American accent.

Here’s a photo from Navya’s birthday party where he got Elmo as his return gift…


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