Moving Thoughts…

If there’s one thing that I hate more than religious fanatics is, is commuting. The former might kill you in one shot on an improbable day, but the latter kills you like slow poison.

For last 2+ months I have been commuting almost all weekdays, more than an hour each way from near Berkeley to Mountain View. That’s a solid 2.5 hours per day on road. It was ironic to be working in a cleantech company and be commuting (read – polluting) so much – not to mention the costs.

So ….we relocated. As painful and annoying moving is – it is cathartic (got rid of 40-50 lbs of “stuff’) and in this case the end result is work, daycare and home in a 5mile radius for both me and Hrishi.

We are now living in Sunnyvale. Looking forward to enjoying the weather and a better work-life balance.


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