Graduation Day….MBA

14th May – 2010 at Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA. Can’t remember what life was like before the MBA – free weekends, no baby …..what did I use to do?? Am happy to get a chance to think about such things now ?? 🙂

(aaahhh…..I am missing a facebok integration with wordpress here….)


2 thoughts on “Graduation Day….MBA

  1. Mamata Desai says:

    Roli, if WordPress has an RSS feed of your blog (I’m almost certain it does), you can add that RSS feed to your Facebook Notes. I’ve done the same, and all my blog posts appear as Facebook Notes. On FB, go to Notes settings, import a blog.

  2. Hey Mamata, Thanks for the pointers. You are right….I found a pretty easy hook from WP to Facebook. I don’t like the hook in the other direction – but that’s OK for now…


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