Cuppycake and San Diego!

Hridyan has so far been agnostic about the whole television/entertainment thing. The TV keeps playing, and so does he. It’s like parallel playing with the TV. But recently, he’s taken to a couple of tunes. These two videos are probably rising on the weekly popularity charts – thanks to Ridu’s incessant demands to play them over and over again – on the iPhone, youtube, TV, wherever….

Infact Hrishi is now playing the San Diego tune on his guitar too, which gives Ridu another avenue to demand.

It’s still cute – but I am thinking this is going to get annoying quickly….

Anyway, hope you enjoy these too.

Btw, this tune is really catchy. Infact, if we go to San Diego for a getaway – the marketers of this can consider that a “successful conversion” 🙂


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