Yup, I am done!

As of December 2009, I officially am an MBA graduate from the Haas School of Business. Yay!!

It’ll be rather hard to verbalize what I feel…..so am not going to attempt it.
It’s bittersweet to be done.
It was an incredible, tiring, fulfilling and successful 2 1/2 years journey. I got everything and more that I expected from the program. I am going to cherish the experience and the new friendships throughout my life.



Go Bears!!


5 thoughts on “Yup, I am done!

  1. Congratulations Roli! You must be so proud. Its great to read about how much you’ve accomplished in the last few years – an MBA, a career switch and most of all a sweet little baby! Kudos to you!!

    • Thank Pooja.

      Yeah it’s been a little crazy…..but after a very long time I feel happy to be where I am both professionally and personally. The only thing remains is the India move….and then I’ll be “settled” for a long haul 🙂

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