Hridyan is One!

Hridyan turned one on 23rd!
But I can’t say time flies or anything similar. It was one long sleepless year…

But it was also the most incredible year…..he turned out to be the smiliest and happiest baby. He is walking now and according him all the rest of us have been sent on this earth to take him on strolls. It seems like talking is not going to be strength …maybe he’s taken after dad on that. “Light” was his first and so far the only word. He’s a relentless flirt and I am embarrassed regularly by his smiles to random women on the street. He’ll smile till they are forced to respond. I think he knows when someone succumbs and says “he’s so cute” :). Loves to eat with us and eats just about everything including all spices. So much more…maybe the pictures will say it better….

Can’t wait to see him start on his other tricks….this is an unbelievable age. But he’s growing up fast….sometime just too fast.
Love it……ok, almost all of it 🙂



One thought on “Hridyan is One!

  1. Hey 🙂 so nice to see an update after a long break. Nice to know about Hridyan, so sorry guys we missed the big day. Will try to make it up to you.

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