Exercise and Weightloss

(Got back last weekend from an a-mazing trip of Singapore and Indonesia. Made new friends, partied and learnt a whole lot about life and work in South East Asia. Will post some pictures – out of the 10,000 that were taken by 8 or so cameras – some other time)

In the meanwhile, found this article today:

I had been having this feeling since Hridyan was born. For some reason – spending 30-mins to lose 200 calories and then regain that in a half a slice of Tiramisu – did not seem like an efficient process operationally or even by the economic theory of efficient use of resources. Muscles burning more calories (than fat) also seems to have been muffed by this article – thankfully. I am beginning to believe that eating less if the only was to reduce weight – and that gives me lesser guilt about skipping gym sessions :D. Now I only have to figure out how to eat less….


One thought on “Exercise and Weightloss

  1. Nice post. Its interesting how hard you actually need to workout to lose calories. However, what they don’t say is if you do workouts to target specific areas, you can lose weight easily. There are workout videos that show you how to target these key spots necessary to lose weight in just a short time commitment each day. However, eating less and more healthy definitely increases the speed you will lose weight.

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