….still can’t get enough of him

…. still mourning perhaps the biggest musical loss of my generation

…. am sad about not having heard any of his songs for last many years….until this week

….worried about mortality, pain, success and when they all get muddled up

…. loneliness

….happy to see he still had so many fans, and that they are vocal now

….surprised (and somewhat embarrassed) at my own emotions

… feeling that he might have redeemed himself with all this out pour of love

…. perhaps economically he is better off now, with the surge in his music’s demand…good for his children

….and after a whole lot of feelings, it seems to always end up with a sense of loss


3 thoughts on “MJ…..continued…

    • Agreed he is defining “immortal”.

      The sadness is more about the timing. He would have been immortal in a few years as well….but might have been less of a shock and felt more fair once he reclaimed some of his lost fame…

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