Never Say Goodbye, MJ

It’s been more than a day since the world received the fateful news. I am still in shock. Have not stopped thinking or reading about it, and the sadness is still persisting.

My first introduction to western (non-Hindi) music was through “Bad” – which I borrowed from my chhote-mama over a summer vacation and played back-2-back countless times. To this day, I like it more than Thriller. The only poster that I ever put up in my room before leaving for college was his. It was a life-size poster which fully covered the wall of our studio type living arrangement – and for which I got an scolding ‘cos it was pretty expensive. I tried my best to convince my parents to let me go for the 1996 Bombay concert – even telling them that it was probably my only chance to see him. In retrospect I should have just sneaked away anyway.

I used to hope that all MTV videos have the imagery like in his videos- remember the time, heal the world, black-or-white… I always thought he had an amazing range of rhythms, tempos, moods in his song – something that I appreciate more now, when many popular artists struggle with not sounding like their previous album or their previous song.

I was looking forward to his return in London so that he can redeem himself somewhat… and secretly hoping to see a smashing performance one day. Such is life…

He was a consummate entertainer. He is irreplaceable and I don’t think I’ll see an artist like him in my lifetime. For me, it’s like a piece of my childhood is gone.

RIP Michael Jackson.


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