Freedom unlimited!

It’s been a while since I wrote about Hridyan. He’s doing his thing (growing up) and we are doing ours – balancing work, family visits, site-seeing all in a sleep deprived (yes, still) state. More on the family visits later..

Here I want to share how eventful this little guy’s ninth month has been. Till his eight month birthday….he was not really mobile.

Here he is 10 days back, struggling with sitting and moving forward.
I would accept any compliments for the uncanny precision with which the video has been made… my son won’t be embarrassed when he grows up šŸ™‚

Two days later, he was sitting at will and crawling with some combination of crawl and walk for short distances. But still getting frustrated.

And here he was today, another week later…..he’s freely moving about the house. Since he started crawling we are left to picking him up when he topples or just keeping an eye out for him to see what he’s putting in his mouth. But otherwise he’s become a pretty self-content and happy man.

You can’t help but wonder at the marvel of nature!


5 thoughts on “Freedom unlimited!

  1. Awesome! I remember Rian going through the exact sequence! A week later, it was high speed crawling and pulling up to stand šŸ™‚ Its so goooooooood watching them grow up, love its!

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