As life is about to take its biggest turn…

I am back after a 6-week hiatus and am not sure where to start this time…..there’s too much happening and this time its just life in general, not MBA.

But the main reason behind all the happenings is the eagerly awaited arrival of our first one 🙂 We are expecting it to make an entrance any time now. All priorities have changed in the last 2-3 months. Its a bag of mixed emotions – anxiety, curiosity, the impending pain and then the sleepless nights, “are we ready yet”, “is this the final shortlist of names”, good and not_so_good stories from our friends, and some emotions I have no names for. I won’t attempt to write about all these, but I do want to share some pics from our baby shower…

Anxious Parents-to-be

Anxious Parents-to-be

Life’s about to take a big and permanent turn and I am glad to have my mom with me to see us through it. She’s made her maiden voyage to US, all by herself. It’s a pretty big achievement considering she had never flown or traveled alone. Home cooked food is the obvious perk, but life in general has become more festive, more colorful. It’s the first time since I left home in 1996 that I have spent so much time with her. I don’t know how people go through pregnancies by themselves.

and here is my mom.

and here is my mom.

For the last 3 weeks I stopped working and funnily I am not missing it one bit. MBA is still going on, and am hoping to continue with it, even after the baby.

Like I said….everything already seems to have changed and now its just a waiting game….


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