Oracle website …why?

I do not spend a lot of time on the Oracle website fortunately. But whenever I have to, it baffles me how anyone can stand it. For the last 1 hour I am trying to renew our membership of the account. Yes, we want to give money to Oracle, so that we can continue “trying” to use their crappy service. But they do not seem to have figured out the basics on ecommerce.

First off the site is slooooow. You are never sure after clicking a link if anything is going to happen next.

Second off, it is inconsistent between Firefox and IE. I keep flipping between the browsers, and there is no gaurantee which one of them will work.

People are talking about the 3G of web, and I think Oracle is stuck in Web 0.1. It’s hard to believe they are a part of the bay area. Harder to believe they are #1 software providers in many areas. But its hardest to believe that some of the brighter people I know work for this organization. I am feeling frustrated and saddened alternatively…..


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