Leadership, Communications and Ethics

Sorry folks….this was a pretty long hiatus. But I have been very very busy. My body is just perpetually tired these days and my mind even more so. I cannot wait for the next 3 weeks to get over.

So as it turns out this semester is way heavier than the last one. We have 3 one-credit courses – 3 one-credit courses means way more than one 3 credit course.

The highlight of the 1-crediters has undoubtedly been a course called “Leadership” which was taught by Brian Uzzi. He is a visiting professor from Kellogg. All his lectures were like well rehearsed performances…and I mean that in a very good way. Most of us thought that he was so used to giving seminars through his consulting engagements that he brought the same tightness to the course. The course mainly talks about importance of networking and how the new leaders need resources, rather than be experts in all areas themselves. It also talked about how to turn the situation when people do not seem to agree with you. It was a lot about understanding the other person, and how rationale arguments might not be the best ones always. It included one very interesting exercise – to interview a leader (or anyone you consider to be one) and understand how they have created his/her network, how does he/she maintain it and how he/she might have leveraged it to enhance his/her career. I interviewed my VP, Marketing and I found the exercise to be very enlightening. I HIGHLY recommend this course. All of us would have loved a few more lectures from Uzzi.

Then we had another course on Leadership Communications over two full Sundays. Yes imagine that….5 days of work – 2 full days of classes – 5 days of work (no break). This course was about communication style. It was a good course, except, I feel something like this should expand over the full duration of the course. Its hard to quickly change communication style over 2 classes. The practices/tests were good, but I was a bit dissatisfied with th e structure of the course. There were some good pointers about delivery and how it should tie with the content and how adding a personal story makes the speech more powerful. I hope I remember them for my next presentation.

Lastly, we also just started a course on business ethics. I still don’t know what would be the outcome of this course. It has made for some interesting case studies so far, and some good discussions in class. The ethics class actually has demonstrated the diverse point of views in the class.

That’s the Haas report for now…hopefully, I’ll get back to writing more.


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