Sirius – seriously…

Its sort of odd that I am writing about Sirius today, the same day DOJ has approved their acquisition of XMSR. But this article is no financial commentary on it…its about my experience with using Sirius radio for about 6-months now.

Anyone who sees it in my car, inadvertently asks “why”…so here are my many reasons for using it.

– It has a much bigger catalog that the local channels. I almost forgot some of the rocks songs because they were never played on the local radio channels.

– They play the Beatles.

– There are 5 rock stations on my shortcuts. Some more that I did not select.

– I love to switch between songs, food, cnn and npr on the go.

– Food Channel is very relaxing to listen to when driving back from work.

– The financial channels have some very good reports especially if you on a long drive.

– It’s access is reasonable when driving to Tahoe. It could be better.

– Often people are happy between their CDs, ipods and the local channels. I like to explore new music through the radio and the unknown is exciting. If you don’t like the surprise then there’s always going to be one channel which has something interesting going on.

– I miss the local channel RJs sometimes, but never the SleepTrain mattress advertisements.

So for $12 a month it feels like good value for money if the commute is a bit long. It surprises me why not many people I know use it.


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