Alamere Falls in Marin

It has been a few months since we went on a hike. Yesterday we decided to break the pattern and go for the Alamere Falls in Marin. It was our second time, but we enjoyed it thoroughly again. We use for most of our research for the local hikes. Bawa (Mayank) and his brother Bemohit also joined us, and that made for some very interesting fundae exchange during the trip.

Its a very good hike, about ~7.5 mile back and forth. It stays along the coast for most part, which is very pleasant. You don’t gain much elevation, but being along the coast you get spectacular views of the Pacific from many different angles. Towards the end of the hike, there are a couple of scrambles. These take you down from the cliff to the beach. It sort of makes it a bit more adventurous. We saw some people not go the whole way, since one of those scrabmles, with a lot of loose rock, seemed a bit tricky. We obviously went all the way :).

The highlight of this hike is a waterfall which falls directly on the beach. It’s a pretty unique formation, and its great to see fresh water mixing with the sea so obviously. Apparently there is only one such other formation in California. Since it has rained a lot in the bay area, the waterfall was gushing. We had a nice lunch, with Thumbs-up on the beach. It was awesome. One thing to keep in mind about the trip is that it would take almost 1.5 hours to get to the trailhead from the San Francisco. The actual distance is not that much, but about 15 miles on CA-1 are really slow.

Here’s some proof…with more in the shutterfly album:






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