A blog, many readers, some musicians and one video….wow!

Although I try not to generally link to articles that can be found easily on popular sites….this one was hard to pass up on. I am big fan of Scott Adams…almost becoming a bigger fan of his blog than Dilbert. So a few days back he somehow found out that the popular songs are the ones which have simple lyrics, validating his claim with Beatles. He invited the readers to come up with any lyrics….with some basic rules about limit, grammar and content.

A band from Germany picked up the best suggested lyrics and wove them into a sing….with a pretty catchy tune. Another fan picked up the song and created a video out of it. All this in about 2 weeks. Here’s the video:

This is one of those web 2.0 incidents which amazes you! Its like its own world out there….and one in a million times it turns out to be truly fabulous.


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