Soaking and Skiing

For the last one week, Bay Area and pretty much most of California is soaking in the rains. I don’t remember so much water last year, at least not in January. I am not a big fan of the rains. As much as they are important, I always find preparing for the rains a hassle. As a result I am mostly either leaving my umbrella behind, running for my car or to a building, my jeans are perpetually soggy….and just the general greyness is not so appealing. California is supposed to be sunny…right?

The only saving grace is the fact, that when it pours in the bay area, it dumps in Tahoe :D. This might turn out to be a good skiing season finally. We have been up to the mountains twice this year…hoping to go a few more times at least.

We often end up going to Kirkwood. Its one of the closer resorts to the Bay Area. This is where both Hrishi and I learnt our respective sports. He snowboards, I ski. All our friends are season passholders of Kirkwood every year!! Its almost like our second home in the winters. Its a great resort for intermediate skiers, as well as for people who want to learn. Its base elevation is one of the highest in the Tahoe area. It gets the snow earliest and it lasts the latest. The powder is well groomed, its typically not very crowded and its just generally nice. This year, it seems they plan to have live music more regularly which would be nice after a day of skiing. Unfortunately, apparently there are many fans like me ‘cos they keep increasing the prices for the lift ticket every year.

The second resort, and the first non-Kirkwood resort I’ve ever visited in Tahoe, was Mt.Rose. This one is closer to Reno. Its about 4 1/2 hours drive from San Francisco which makes it less conducive to day-trips. It turned out to be a surprisingly good resort. Its almost the same size as Kirkwood, not overwhelming but probably better managed. They have a larger cafe and better restrooms. They had a whole area called “chutes” which seemed double-diamonds slopes or more (not my thing yet).

Yeah…thinking about the snow makes me feel better. I wish my office was in Tahoe and that I could just ski to the office. That would be cool..won’t it?


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