Jersey Boys – two thumbs way up!

I am not sure who said that the best things in life are free, ’cause we seem to be standing in a lot of lines lately….it was the same yesterday on our 4th year marriage anniversary. We decided to checkout this Broadway-type musical, Jersey Boys playing in Curran Theatre, San Francisco. It has been almost a year since it was introduced in the city, and it has been almost the same time since I have been trying to convince Hrishi to accompany me to it. Yesterday was my lucky day 🙂

The show has been sold-out for all the days I have looked for its tix. So we got to the theater at 5:15 pm for the 6:00 pm show. The theater releases 25 tickets for $25 each every day even if the show is sold out. In hind-sight its not surprising, there were people standing from noon for those 25 tix. We were 40th or so in the line. So the second option is to either wait for some scalpers/ unplanned cancellations outside the theater or wait for some unused VIP tix to be releases by the theater just before the show starts. We decided to wait it out and see what luck had in store for us…

We have reasonably good tix karma, so 5 minutes before the show we got two Orchestra tix released by the theater, and they were every penny worth the $200 we spent on them. It a 2 hr 40 min (yes!) short musical. After I got into the theater I realized how long it had been since I saw a real live play – like 8 years or something, never in US and never a musical. I am not counting the Vegas shows since you expect to be surprised there. This musical was surprising surprisingly!

The story is about the formation, rise and fall of The Four Seasons band in the 60’s. The theme was perfect for the musical. At times it was hard to decide if we were watching a concert or a play. Good actors, who sang even better. I am amazed at the talent of the performers as well as the musicians. They actually got standing ovations during the performance. The story is simple but very alive, you feel it as you see the biographical performances. The set-up is contemporary although it was set in the 1960s. Really high production value…the stage settings, movements, etc were really flawless. And it did not even have the old style satin curtains. Electronic giant screens were used for backdrop which added a lot of color. It was like watching two and a half hours of a Bollywood movie, only this was more gripping than most movies from Bollywood.

Hrishi thinks musicals are for girls, but even he liked this one. Today is the last show they have in SF (until they decide to return), but if you get a chance to see this in your town, just grab it and go.


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