Phew….(and 8 down, 34 to go)

…so the first semester in Haas is over. Let’s just say I am confident that I will at least clear the courses. I don’t care much more about the grades. The last four months were quite a roller-coaster. It’s not easy to do a fulltime job and an MBA (and believe me that’s an understatement). My work became more challenging in the last few weeks, and that did not help at all.

But would I trade it for an easier lifestyle?
Absolutely no.

I love Haas and the fact that I am pursuing this program. It feels like taking a step forward,which in itself is very encouraging. My experience with the program has been good to great. Haas is a very vibrant community, and there’s so much to do in terms of classes, seminars, events, workshops, you name it…

But I am sure I am not going to miss school for the next 6-weeks :). All of us from EWMBA could use a break from the hectic schedule. Since yesterday I am feeling completely disoriented….a fulltime job is feeling like a piece of cake to manage…I am sitting, watching television and blogging with no guilt.

It feels good.


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