Wrath of the MBAers – Conclusion

So I had written about my accounting class fiasco here.

We did end up giving this professor a second chance. Most people agreed that in the second lecture he was much better than the in the first lecture. But he had ways to go. My biggest concern were allegations about the accuracy in a couple of comments. Thankfully, there were enough counters to those allegations. So I am tending to believe that he’s not going to be teaching accounting by the book – who ever does accounting by the book anyway? Remember Enron, Worldcom and a 1000 other scandals.

Some people were still mad, and wanted an immediate replacement. Since then 200+ forum posts would have been exchanged on yahoo groups, where people have vented about the professor, about the handling of the situation by Haas and about us being guinea pigs for the thousands of dollars we pay for this degree. Survey went out again and about 50% of the responders pressed for immediate replacement.

(Personally, I could not vote for replacing the professor. Everyone could see he was trying hard in the second lecture. His real life examples actually added to my previous accounting knowledge. Some familiarity with the subject (have taken an accounting class before), made me less nervous with the situation. I guess I did not have the heart to snub down someone whose trying so hard. I think I am the feedback-improvement-feedback person, unless I come across a complete dolt, which this guy is not.)

The class reps did a tremendous job in collecting the feedback and taking it back to the Program Office. The situation had been escalated, and the Dean of Instructions was finally involved. The Dean replied today – replacement would not be possible, but the school is going to review this professors lectures for all remaining weeks, provide feedback and ensure that the course achieves its stated goals.

I am satisfied with the resolution. My bigger concern in this issue was how the school dropped the ball in selecting the professor for a core course. The school should have had better sense than letting a person teach based only on qualifications and no teaching experience. With the ongoing involvement of the Program office, they will hopefully, be careful in future about such experiments.

Here’s to continuous improvement….


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