The wrath of the MBAers

I think this one incidence could be a case study in organization behavior/ groupthink/ or something similar. I wish I could share the first hand experience about this professor. But I had to unexpectedly miss the first accounting lecture….so this one is based on second hand info.

So this professor completely blew it in the first class. In a 4 hour lecture, he talked about himself, his achievements, family, history and importance of accounting for the first 3+ hours. Then talked a little bit about accounting, while probably not realizing that for most people this was the first time learning accounting. It sounded like a 4-hr torture, and people were very frustrated.

So here’s what worried me the most…after the class a survey was posted for all the Saturday students (120)….which wanted to get signatures for basically ousting the professor. Reasons – ‘we are paying $500 for each class’, ‘people don’t change’, ‘this is my first ever accounting course’, and ‘my foundation for finance would be really weak’, etc. There was a lot of resentment on the yahoo groups today. Thankfully, there were some people who were more coolheaded.

While none of the reasons were false, I could not bring myself to not giving someone a second chance. That does not seem fair. There are many reasons for it, I guess:

  • this guy is a CEO of a big hedge fund and a PhD in accounting
  • he is teaching for the first time, and was probably trying to gain credibility by his previous achievements.
  • I want to believe that an established businessperson, he would not organize himself better with feedback (he has gotten a lot it, from many of us)
  • Haas co-ordinators have been pretty good in everything so far
  • there’s no reason to believe that the next person, if arranged at such a short notice, would be any better
  • most of all, I think everyone deserves a second chance

I do hope that he improves, but I hope people have an open mind for the next lecture.

(Update: read this for the conclusion of this story)


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