4 down, 38 to go

Yes, already. Time passes swiftly at Haas. Last week was the final exams for the first two courses – OB and Micro Econ. Its a bit surprising to see a course end in ~8 weeks. But if you think about it, you actually spend about 4*7 = 28 hours on each course. As compared to full-time programs, the same number of units are covered over a 30-hour duration.

I learned a lot in the OB course – things that I am already beginning to use in my everyday life. As a product manager, working with different groups of people is by far my biggest challenge. I realized some mistakes I have made, and am wondering if there’s going to be an opportunity to fix those. The ideas around influencing people and exercising power were pretty powerful. The course also made me realize how sometimes putting in your best does not automatically mean best results. One of the points that was discussed was how performance is not only a function of an employee’s capability and motivation, but also the support the company provides.

I think the course helped me resolve some questions I had from myself, and my company. It tells you how such questions are commonplace and that there are ways to deal with them. Being from an objective background, such information feels like divine knowledge (something you just want t believe).

Micro-econ on the other hand, was all about making hard decisions based on the available opportunity – shut down, outsource, environment. I doubt if I will sit and draw supply and demand curves in real life anytime soon, but some of the intuitions were quite versatile. I would like to share the 8-commandments by Meghan (professor), but perhaps another time….

For the benefit of any prospective students, the final exam left us with some scars. I think the prof over compensated for the easy midsem. After the exams some students were beginning to see why its called a b-school (and not an a-school), or how the course should be considered a sunk cost (since we can’t do anything about the damage)

On the bright side, if you start all questions in the course with “it depends” you could get partial credits 🙂

Unfortunately, there’s no break. I already have 2 case studies for the 1st class of marketing management. It is being paired with financial accounting. The same type of objective-subjective chutney. More on that next week…

ps: “4 down, 38 to go” is the number of units to get the degree


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