Bookmarks Dilemma

I had been troubled by bookmarking for a while. I knew the whole thing about social bookmarking through, etc. But I was looking for something seamless, and personal. Currently, I own three computers – the old iBook, the new MacBook Pro and the work Thinkpad. Unfortunately between Windows/ Mac/ PowerPC/ Intel etc its not all consistent. There were some recipes which were on my office computer, something which I bookmarked as ‘lunch-reading’ at my home computer, Haas and business school information was all over the place. The time in trying to re-search this information was making my web experience quite inefficient. The situation is as bad when you re-organize your bookmarks, or delete some of them. It seemed that if I was using at least Firefox across all platforms, then I should have a consistent web experience.

That’s when I found Foxmarks. It’ s a Firefox add-on, which can also be found here.

This product is pretty neat, and most of all it’s seamless. You don’t know that its working for you in the background. When you close your Firefox window, then it updates a central server with all your bookmark information. When you go home, and fire up the Firefox, it automatically updates it with the latest bookmarks. I still do not know if there is a limit to the number of computers you can sync this from. But if anyone is juggling between 3-4 notebooks, this is a great way to have all your bookmarks updated all the time. Yeah, some people can question about the security issues, but it does not bother me so much really…


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