surf, sun and just hangin’ out – part 2

OK so nothing about my previous post sounded like hangin’ out….but that’s because most of it was done outside the surfing hours.

Deepu was visiting from NYC. She brought her partying spirit and a lot of accent 🙂 We met after a year, and it was awesome. Something about meeting old friends is always very comforting. Maybe its the memories, or the perspective of time you get when you meet someone after a long time, or perhaps how people change…but how it’s still all OK when you are drunk and hanging out. I think we’ll visit her soon in NYC for some serious pub-hopping.

Amit and Ruma were around, as well as Pani with his new-found mate. As is expected with this crowd, there was a lot of eating and drinking and funny conversations. On that note, we visited this fusion Mexican restaurant – Mamacita in North Beach (I believe. I can never remember the local names of SF’s numerous neighborhoods).

Mamacita was the most incredible Mexican food I have ever had. Actually I am not sure how Mexican it was because I did not taste any rice or beans, but there were plenty fancy tacos. Tacos with guacamole, goat cheese, and some new ingredients which I had not heard of before. There were no burritos even…weird. There was also this Peruvian favorite “ceviche” with marinated fish, which I highly recommend. For some reason I always thought that its hard to take Mexican food upscale, but I could not have been more wrong.

Anyway, that’s the end of my story of the Labor Day in 2007. I am so glad, that we just stuck around and kind of …just chilled…for a change.


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