I Promise to…

People often ask me why I want to do an MBA – it’s a big time and $$ commitment. I have been trying to answer this question for a few years now, and finally last year I saw some reason to take this plunge. Unrelated to this, I read recently on a Zen habits, that one way to stick to a commitment is to commit big in public. So I thought why not share my reasons for doing an MBA on my blog. This might ensure that I stick to what I set out to do, without getting distracted by the lures of management consulting or investment banking. So in decreasing order of preference, I’d like to be doing one of the following by the end of 2009.

1) Have my own start-up in alternate energy

2) Have my own start-up in technology

3) Work for a growing alternate energy company

4) Continue in product management with a 20-30% bigger paycheck.

5) Be working for a venture capitalist in technology / alternate energy industry

I could swap 2) and 3)…I am still not sure about those ones. But even the lowest on this list is going to be reasonably satisfying. If I divert from it, then it would either mean a BIG compromise or changed priorities in life.

So there you go…..like everyone I fear public humiliation. Hopefully shouting it out in the virtual world would motivate me to stay committed.


4 thoughts on “I Promise to…

  1. Sorry to disappoint you Zishaan, but I am not doing it on my blog :). But I am doing one at Haas (the UC Berkeley School) which started in August.

    But I do want to use my blog, to share my MBA experience, that’s it.

    Oh..btw, I love the pictures on your blog.

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