Welcome Esha!

For Smita (O) and Kostub, this is probably their happiest summer. They are dear friends of ours from IIT, but who would henceforth be known as proud parents of Esha. Esha is very special to many of us. She’s the first born amongst many of my close friends from IIT. She symbolizes to the rest of us, that it’s time to grow up.

I met Smita and Kostub in May. I spent a weekend at their home in Seattle. Smita was in her seventh month of pregnancy and apparently the process had drained all her energy. It was the first time I saw Smita with 10 extra pounds. There was a lot of baby talk like how will they react to their daughter’s boyfriends …heh. The baby name was still up in the air – short, with no possibility of mispronouncement by anyone. I was told how Tums can sometimes be the best companion. I also realized that when Indian women get pregant, they crave for gobi-parathas and milk shakes and that is reeeallly good for the rest of us.

Smita had started to spread the pregnancy bug, and another close friend of hers had recently become pregnant. But Pooja, Bhavna and I (yeah, it was a Maverix get-together too!) were done with baby-stuff by the end of the weekend :). For all of us it was a great up, close and personal experience. A couple of months back, it all still seemed far. But Smita and Kostub are set now, for life.

Here’s how Esha looked on her first day out, and look she already types cute pink messages…


Hello World!!


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