Whale of a Time

Baba had seen them 2 years ago from our cliff, Rishi had also seen them last year. Everyone we spoke to in Pacifica seemed to have seen them one time or other. But they had evaded me, until yesterday.

As I got out of the parking, I saw a big black fin going into the water. It was a whale, less than 50 ft away from the beach. Almost as close as you see in this pic…(from the net for reference, I wasn’t ready with my camera at 9:00 in the morning 🙂 )


It seemed to reappear every 30 seconds or so. There were probably more than one, but I saw one at a time. In the 10 minutes that I watched, they came out twice with the snout. They threw out a sprays of water a couple of times. It was very exciting to watch this activity, the kind of excitement that one gets from a surprise gift. Unexpected and mysterious. Well it was also the first time I saw a whale in open waters. People pay to watch them. We are just blessed ! 🙂

In hindsight, this is scary stuff. We often see fishermen on this same beach. I wonder if they ever caught a whale. There are surfers on the beach too, definitely farther than 50 ft from the shore. Whales have suddenly become too close for comfort. But I know I’ll learn to live with them just like the long-time Pacificans.


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