Fusion – Indian Style

The Summer of 2007 just becomes more wholesome every weekend. I have yet to share many stories, but let me start with this one for now…

We were at Stern Grove yesterday. Check it out at www.sterngrove.org . Its a series of free concerts in San Francisco, every Sunday, throughout the summer. In its 70th year, this is one of those event, locales take a great pride in and would have family traditions around. People pack picnic baskets, wine, beer, food and more beer; pray for good weather and enjoy an afternoon of eclectic world music.

Yesterday’s artists, the remarkable ones anyway, were Anoushka Shankar with Karsh Kale (DJ and percussionist). The former is a stellar sitar player, who happens to be the daughter of Pt. Ravi Shankar and the half-sister of Norah Jones. As much as I love music, I have never followed Indian classical music. There was something about listening to the same sound or perhaps an entire instrumental concert or possibly not understanding the nuances of Indian classical music, that it never appealed to my musically unfurnished mind.

But yesterday was all about fusion music – sitar, guitar, flute, vocals, tabla and drums. No one artist dominated the sound. I related to it, because the composition style seemed closer to rock music, I guess :). The weather was just perfect and so were our friends who saved a VIP spot for us in the over-packed arena. I was amazed to see this kind of interest for an Indian classical music concert.

I think I am most excited about finding a whole new genre of music which I would probably follow and enjoy for years, thanks to Stern Grove. The first step for me is to make one of the musical pieces as our morning alarm. So am off to finding out the alarm setting on my iPod…


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