Does your paycheck excite you?

My first job was with Schlumberger. I used to wait for the last day of the month to get my paycheck. I am not sure if the excitement was due to the fact that I was being paid for the first time, or it was because of the uncertainty of the amount. In Schlumberger, the paycheck changed every month based on the bonus. Yes, the bonus was monthly! I now feel that it was probably the mystery of the payoff that made the payday worthwhile. It was like a surprise gift every month….sometimes good and sometimes not so much. But it had a life, nonetheless.

The checks are better now, but boring. It takes a year to see it go up by a small amount. I sometimes wonder, if that has something to do with life in general. Time after college was more carefree. Now I feel “settled”, and probably the checks reflect that somehow. Or it might indicate that I should finally develop patience and look beyond instant gratification.

Yes, there are all kind of valid arguments about the need to grow up but you know it would not hurt to twist the paycheck once in a while. I have been thinking and here are some ways I could think of (HR? this is for you..)

1) Become a CEO with $1 salary and only stock compensation. The stock market would give me enough excitement every-day.

2) Split the yearly salary randomly into 26 paychecks. I’d feel very satisfied if the largest chunk gets allotted to my 2 weeks vacation time

3) Accounting error (really…I am desperate)…which requires me to fight for the lost money.

4) Leave the job and start freelancing. But that means I’ll have to learn to write or code or paint. tch..naaah!!

I don’t remember having discussed this problem with anyone so far. I think its embarrassing at some level. But I am sure there is at least one person out there who feels the same way. If you happen to stop by, my friend, let me know how you felt and what you did.


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