Radio stations for rock

When I am tired of listening to the sales guy in the neighboring cubicle repeat his sales pitch for the N000’th time, I resort to Yes, this sometimes starts at 9:00 am in the morning. I recommend this station for its great selection of classic and contemporary rock. It throws in a pop song once in a while, which is quite relaxing. Needless to say, the British accent makes the listening more pleasurable even when the RJs are ranting 🙂

Another good option is Yahoo’s online radio. Be sure to checkout my personal station at roli_iit for some cool rock music. But be careful, the rating system can be a bit addictive. I have often found myself waiting for the next song, just so that I can rate it. Not the best when you trying to meet a deadline. The catch is that the station is only supported for IE. Yes, its true and it sucks!

Do you recommend something else?


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